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There are no shakles like those of Illusion (Maya),
no power like that of Yoga,
no better friend that Wisdom (Jnana)
and no greater enemy than Egoism (Ahamkara).

– Gheranda-Samhita I.4

“Yoga is a tradition and what lies outside the scope of it.
It is a method and what transcends it.
It is knowledge within and beyond intellectual comprehension.
It is a philosophy leading to the end of philosophy.
It is a path leading to the end of the path.
It is the joy of exploring one's own self which is the worthiest
and greatest endeavour of all human undertakings.”

– Vladimir Afanasyev (Tejinder)*

*From his book “Light Incorruptable. The Principles And The Methods Of Raja Yoga (Classical Yoga In Systematic Exposition)”, Cuban State University Press, Krasnodar, Russia, 2011.

Just as food is necessary for the body, so is spiritual knowledge necessary for the mind and soul. For many years now, Swami Jyotirmayananda, illustrious Yoga Teacher from India, to whom our Yoga School owes its existence, has been giving spiritual instructions to his disciples and devotees through his monthly magazine, International Yoga Guide. The introductory letters, written in his own hand, serve as subjects for profound contemplation and offer powerful guidelines for all spiritual seekers to follow. These invaluable letters, in their original form, will be placed here on this page of our website (English version) as they become available.

Along with these letters, under the title “The Upanishad Says,” we will include selected verses from the holy Vedantic scriptures, the Upanishads, which also appeared in the International Yoga Guide magazine. Swami Jyotirmayananda has translated these verses from Sanskrit into English and polished them with his own unique commentary.

Read, meditate, practice.

Good luck on the Holy Path of Yoga!