Indian Spiritual Philosophy


Indian Spiritual Philosophy, in the form it’s featured in this section, can be viewed as a methodology to provide psychological support in the complex process of perception of the world. Its principles serve to accommodate our mind to the hidden hazards and pitfalls that we face that are inherent in this world, and which we involuntary allow to hurt our psyche. Once you embrace the sound reason behind these truths, agree to make them your life’s overarching principles and become established in them, you will take an immense psychological load off your mind related to disappointments, unfulfilled plans, shattered dreams and inevitable losses.

The relevant spiritual axioms that the author of the project received from India, in English, are based on knowledge of the immutable laws of universal order, of which we are part. Each of us can try to gaze into the essence of wisdom and this is what we appeal to you to do.

Rely on Providence and believe in Yourself to achieve what you deserve!

Bon voyage towards the shore of Truth and may you enjoy a supporting wind of Wisdom!

Author of the Project

The Five Principals of Spirituality